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This is another secret I just got which I will not like to be selfish about and that is the secret about selling of information via the email. Many people are making a living doing this and they are multi-millionaires. The advent of the internet has made it easy to sell non-tangible materials such as information. The irony about this matter is that producing information products is not as hard as you think. They are easy and cheap to create and produce, fun to sell, and do so much good for the consumer.

There are many ways in which selling information could be done on the internet. One of such ways is through the e-mail. I want to assume that before you can even read this post, you must not only know the meaning of email, you must have a personal one for that matter. So all you have to do is to produce information products that you believe will solve the problems of people who are desperate to get such information. The next thing to do then is to build your email database. That is have thousands of email address you can send emails to advertising your information product. Send email to those people whenever there is any information you want to market and this must be done in a catchy way so that your product will sell. If you are able to do this, you in the business of selling information by mail. You may however need the tutelage of people who have wealth of experience in this aspect.

Benefits of selling Information
(1)   Unlimited worldwide market  
(2)   Easy to research  
(3)   Easy to create  
(4)   Easy and cheap to test  
(5)   Easy and cheap to produce, inventory and correct.  
(6)   Low cost start-up  
(7)   High perceived value  
(8)   High mark up  
(9)   Mobility: Operate from any mailbox in the world.  
(10)   Copyright protection from competitors  
(11)   Prestigious, impressive career. "I'm an author."  
(12)   Satisfying: A permanent record for future generations.  

There are 3 Essential Skills that is needed to be a successful seller of information. They are:
1.   Research and creation expertise 
2.   Packaging expertise
3.   Marketing expertise
1.   Research and creation expertise: This specifically deals with how to research, discover, acquire, organize your ideas. It all starts with a core expertise. What do you know that many others don't know? Or who do you know that knows something that the rest of us need or want to know? You don't have to spend years learning a core expertise. You can find some expert who is under-marketed and take his or her idea to the marketplace. Just remember to organize this information in the communication age style...easy to learn, simple to use, fast results. 

2.   Packaging expertise
This has to do with how to express, display, package, communicate yourself. Sometimes the line between success and failure is thin.

Here are some core packaging skills you will need to develop, or acquire: 
•   Find the best prices for materials  
•   Designing useful, interesting packaging.  
•   Creating low cost ways to organize your materials  

3.   Marketing expertise: 
It has to do with how to sell, distribute, disseminate, promote yourself and your product. Marketing is the essential skill. You can market junk with right marketing campaign. Quality work is doomed to remain stuck in your computer data banks unless you learn how to market it. Here are some core marketing skills which you will have to buy, rent or acquire: 
(1)   Writing compelling copy  
(2)   Understanding psychology and human nature  
(3)   Learning the secrets of direct mail advertising  
(4)   Buying the best and cheapest advertising.  
(5)   Tracking your results.  
(6)   Managing a database.  
(7)   Tapping into the Internet.
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